About Me

About me…
I am (was) a fed up online business owner/ operator trying to sell my products and services.
I use a screen name “ArthurExtra” in forums and chat rooms
and I tried following all the “big” internet marketing gurus…
and I am not knocking them, some of them are really hard working people
but I just didn’t want to spend $2,000 for a program they were selling.

I was convinced that there was a better way and cheaper…
(and not for a lack of quality or content)

Then I found Kim Roach. I’m not in love or anything (lol)
she just filled every need I had regarding internet marketing
and I like her style. She is honest and communicates to me the
way I like.

I know that she can help you, I really mean that!

This blog consists of my experience and results of using the
traffic strategies she teaches, from both her free reports and blog
and her traffic dashboard monthly membership. For more information
please click the link below.




P.S. Just for visiting, I would like to give you a free report I made about my success and how I doubled my subscribers.
How I doubled my subscribers in 30 days

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