Double Your Subscribers – tip

Do You Have a Membership Site or Email Newsletter and Need More Members?
This will double the numbers you currently have in 30 days…

This is a strategy that I learned from Kim Roach.

I have read this strategy on the internet before but the way she communicated the idea in her video
just made complete sense to me and it motivated me to try it.

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I thought… “what do I have to lose”.
I had tried so many things to hopefully increase my opt-ins and subscribers.

Every weekend I would sit at my desk thinking to myself…
“If I could just get more subscribers and traffic, I would be set!”

The problem was that I wasn’t getting more visitors and subscribers.
The email list I was building was pathetic and I found myself basically
emailing the same ol stuff to the same people.

Every once in a while I would see a sale come from a email address
at the bottom of my list, which told me that people would buy my service,
I just needed to improve things.

So I decided to give Kim’s idea a try. I was just going to trust and
have faith in what she said.
Man… am I glad I did.

I swear the results were almost instant. In the first week I saw sales coming from
places I never had before.

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So… what is this double your subscriber tip?
you will just have to watch the video, click the link above already…

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